Why choose solid surface worktops

  • Premium feel and look
  • Incredibly hygienic
  • Hard wearing
  • Inconspicuous joins
  • 10 year warranty
  • Low maintenance
  • Polish out scratches
  • Huge colour choice
  • Integrated sinks and drainers
  • Curves – Thermoforming
  • Different edge profiles
  • Locally manufacturered


Raised front edge

Smooth corners


Solid surface worktops

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Solid surface is a non-porous, low maintenance countertop surface. It can be joined almost seamlessly by a trained craftsman. Engineered composites have a surface finish which makes them impervious to bacteria, staining and most of the problems inherent in natural stone. Solid surface sinks can be joined to the countertop surface with no gaps, which eliminates areas for water to collect and bacteria to grow.

Typically manufactured in sheet form for fabrication into finished countertops, solid surface can also be cast and formed into a variety of shapes, including sinks and curves. Colour and design flexibility are key factors when choosing engineered composites over natural stone.

Countertop fabricators typically join solid surface sheets into desired shapes using a two-part adhesive, after which the cured joint is machined flat. The same method is used to create extra thick edges, which can be machined using tools and techniques similar to those used to work hardwoods.

Should the material become scratched or broken, solid surface can, in most cases, be repaired quickly by a certified solid surface repair company or trained fabricator. Because the surface is solid throughout, a countertop that has undergone years of wear and tear can be refinished. The installed product is available in a variety of finishes, ranging from matte to high-gloss, although most manufacturers recommend a matte or satin finish for ease of maintenance.