Integrated Sinks

For some people, one of the main reasons for using solid surface is the almost seamless sinks.

Seamless bowls

There are dozens of sink options available, including single sinks, 1.5 sinks, twin sinks or oval sinks.

Alternatively, we can fit any stainless steel or other sink into the worktops. Either surface mounted or under-mounted.

Solid surface Sinks

You can have any sink, in any position in the worktop. Different sinks can compliment each other. Try making your own 1.5 arrangement.

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Having a solid surface sink gives you a totally hygienic and easy-to-clean area. The sink joins almost seamlessly to the worktop with no obvious join and no lip or edge of any sort.
We make a lot of worktops for the medical profession. Corian or Hanex worktops are often specified for medical applications because there is nowhere for germs to develop. The worktop and sink are an unbroken piece of material that allows for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Corian sinks are designed to fit into kitchen cabinets or varying sizes. If your cabinet is 500mm wide, 1200mm wide or anything in-between then there will be a suitable sink for you.

As well as the core range of sinks shown on this page, there are also a variety of round basins available for bathrooms and vanity units. There are also sinks available with stainless steel bottoms.

Give us a call if you’d like to discuss sink options and what’s possible with the material. We have some sink samples made up in our factory and are happy to receive visitors so you can see and feel and fully appreciate the qualities of a solid surface sink. It really is different to anything you may have seen before.